What are the haircut prices at Fantastic Sams?


An adult haircut at Fantastic Sams costs as little as $14. Fantastic Sams is a nationwide chain of inexpensive hair salons. Prices vary from location to location, but Fantastic Sams is always considered to be a very affordable family hair salon.

Fantastic Sams offers haircuts at around $24 for an adult designer cut or $14 for just a shampoo and cut. The staff at Fantastic Sams can also do hair color, perms and some facial treatments. Fantastic Sams also offers updo services for special occasions starting at $35 and children's haircuts starting at around $10 for kids age 11 and under.

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Unfortunately the entire price list is too long to fit into one answer, but an
Salons are independently owned and services vary upon location. The average is $10-$20 for adult cut.
Call Fantastic Sams in Katy and ask what they charge for a cut. (I haven't been to F.S. in several years, but they charged around $14 for a cut then.
The last time i went to get a haircut it was 8 dollars for a standard haircut.
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