How Many Numbers Win in Fantasy 5?


The jackpot is won when you match five of the winning numbers. However, you also get a prize by matching 2, 3 or 4 numbers. Two matching numbers will give you a free quickpick ticket. 3 to 4 matches get a monetary prize.
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For Florida, 2 matches replace the ticket (free ticket) and 5 matches win the jack pot, with 3 matches being worth about 9 dollars and 4 matches being worth about 90. it is a 5-36
The Fantasy 5 numbers for Sun. May 03 were 05 06 10 21 36. The
The winning numbers in Florida Fantasy 5 on September 28, 2010 are 10-16-18-21-30. Do you have more questions? report this answer. Updated on Thursday, February 02 2012 at 11:34AM
(Continued from Page 2) The Pick. is a $1 jackpot game. Fantasy 5. was called Pick 5 for a while. How often are The Pick, Weekly Winnings and Fantasy 5 played? Drawings for The Pick
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