What are some good farewell party themes?


One idea for a farewell party is to base the party's theme on the location of which the person is going to. Make the decorations funny, so people can laugh instead of cry. Give favors that people can keep such as maps, posters, bags, and water bottles. Motion sickness pills, snacks, and passport holders are also good party favors. Place the favors throughout the party with name tags on them. Gifts to give at farewell parties are first aid kits, jumper cables, luggage, and cell phone chargers.
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1. Decide on a location. Determine if you want to host the party at home or at a restaurant. Select your home for the party if you want to save some money and have greater control
1 Choose where to hold the party . It could be at an office, at a venue such as a restaurant, or even at your own home, depending on who is being farewelled. For a family member going
A farewell party is a party you throw for someone who is leaving, so everyone can see them for the last time and say goodbye. You might give a farewell party to a friend who is moving
Well I am assuming it's just a social farewell, and a smallish group: How about a "come as you will be in 10 years" - and ask people to be really extreme. Or "come
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The Best Themes for a Farewell Party
Instead of just throwing a traditional going-away gathering, make it a more lively celebration with a theme. The party can have a theme specific to the occasion prompting the trip or simply have a general travel theme. From Bon Voyage cruise ship cakes... More »
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