Farm Tractor Horsepower Ratings?


Farm tractors come in different sizes. There are also several different manufacturers. The amount of horsepower in a farm tractor varies from 65 to 400. An Internet search didn't find a ratings site. Starting with local tractor dealer or used farm equipment seller should be a good place to make comparisons.
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A tractor can have 35
John Deere, Massey Ferguson and Fendt are the three best farm tractors but they all cost a lot of money. A lot of of other tractors are ok but none are really in their league. New
easiest way is to ask a tractor dealer.There are many types of tractor so they will advise accordingly.
There is more than one answer to this: 1. Farm tractor HP ratings are usually listed as HP at the PTO shaft with the shaft at 540 RPM. This helps you do a side-by-side comparison
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