What is a recipe for fast-drying paper mache?


A fast drying paper mache recipe calls for rubbing alcohol and flour. To make the paste, begin by mixing 1 cup of flour with 2 cups of rubbing alcohol together. Mix until thoroughly blended so that there are no lumps left. Pour the mixture in a container if you're not going to use it right away as the alcohol will dry it out rather quickly. If you don't want to use rubbing alcohol, make the traditional recipe and place the finished model near a heat source or in the sun.
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I assume that you mean what paste or paper strip adherent dries clear. The only thing I know that would dry clear would be white glue (like Elmer's) Some people with gluten allergies
1. Make small paper mache art pieces using as few layers of paper mache as possible. Create flat and evenly layered pieces to expedite drying time. 2. Preheat your oven to 200 degrees
use a hair dryer to dry it so quick.
Newspapers, Flour, Water, and a Mixing bowl. Mix the flour and water to a thin
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