Fastest Soccer Ball Ever Kicked?


The record for the fastest soccer ball ever killed is from Turkey. It was kicked by Hami who is from Trabzonspor. The speed of the soccer ball was 266 km/h.
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Hami from Trabzonspor (Turkey) 266 km/h.
Longest soccer ball kick 43 ft a High School athlete name
Khodadod Kia holds the record with a kick of 132 mph. Average pro players can hit upwards of 60 mph! report this answer. Updated on Wednesday, February 01 2012 at 09:46AM EST. Source
Soccer players learn how to kick a soccer ball before they learn anything else. Young players tend to kick with their toes or the top of their foot instead of their instep. Learning
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The fastest recorded kick of a soccer ball was 132 miles per hour. This was recorded in a competitive soccer match. ...
The top speed of a soccer ball is 82 miles per hour. It was a kick by Zach Thornton. The kick was made in an All Star match. The speed maybe different in the case ...
There are thirty two panels or hexagons on a soccer ball. It is the reason players can get so much spin and effect on the ball when kicked. ...
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