Fasting before Blood Tests?


If having blood drawn weren't uncomfortable enough, you may be asked to fast prior to the procedure as well. Fortunately, not all blood tests require fasting, but for those that do, it is important to follow fasting procedures so that an accurate assessment can be made from your blood sample.

Fasting is required before having a glucose test, glycohemoglobin test, lipid panel, metabolic panel or cholesterol, HDL or triglyceride test. Do not consume food or drink, except for water, in the 12 hours prior to the blood test unless your doctor explicitly instructs otherwise. Following the blood draw you are free to eat and drink what you please.
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1. Calculate the time the fast begins. If the test is at 6 a.m. and you have to fast for six hours, stop eating at midnight. 2. Stop eating at the start time of your fast. This means
Usuallly it's a good 8 to 12 hours. With nothing to eat or drink for that time. If you take medications daily for health reasons, you may check with your doctor to see which are okay
Eight hours or more of fasting is enough for a fasting
People taking Lithium need to have their blood tested periodically because Lithium, like most drugs, is poisonous at certain blood levels. The reason you need blood tests with Lithium
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How long to fast, if at all, before a blood test depends on what your blood will be tested for. For example, cholesterol, glucose, and glycohemoglobin blood tests require that you fast for 12 hours.
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Fasting can be important to get an accurate readings for certain blood tests. Typically the amount of time to fast is about eight to twelve hours. Fasting means ...
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