How do you log into FASTT math?


The login for FASTT math is given to you by your students teacher. FASTT math is a computer program that teaches students how to solve math problems quickly. It is made by Scholastic and used by teachers of all grades. To get a username and password you need to speak to your teacher or head of your school. If you have lost either your username or password your teacher can retrieve it or reset it.
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1. Condense any logarithms in the equation into one logarithm by using properties of logarithms. For example, log(2) + log(6X) - 7 = 10 becomes log12 - 7 = 10 through using the multiplication
I first learned about logarithms in my high school algebra II class. The prerequisite for this class is Algebra I, where I learned what an "unknown" is, how to add, multiply
FASTT Math by Scholastic.….
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FASTT Math Next Generation’s adaptive instruction enables students to develop math fact fluency and automaticity so they can focus on higher math skills. More>>
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