How Many Mg of Adderall Does It Take to Overdose?


The fatal overdose in mg of adderall varies. This will depend on the size of a person in most cases. However, on average, taking over 210 mg of adderall is an overdose.
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Three years ago I took about ten 25mg. adderall within 24 hours. I was not trying to kill myself but that's what I almost did. I was sick for about two weeks but I never went to a
It all depends on your tolerance which will be higher if you are used to taking it regularly. For instance, a long term cancer patient who has been taking it for years will develop
If you take over 210mg that is classified as an overdose. Can we
25 May 2010 Really any amount can cause an overdose even the lowest it all depends on the person and how much they take but the color you indicated is the 30mg of adderall.
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