Features of MS DOS?


MS DOS is Microsoft Disk Operating System and is a precursor to Windows. The MS DOS features were slow and klunky by today's models. The system couldn't multi-task so only one program could use memory until it either finished or was stopped manually. Some features that we still see on Windows are the use of file names and lettering of the drives, to differentiate between hard drives and floppy drives for example.
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1. Open the DOS Command Prompt: Go to the Start menu and select "Run" when the window pops up, enter the word "Command" (unless you have an XP system, in which
Ms-Dos is the basic operating system with it you can do all the operation like create a text file, edit the file , save it your desired drive,connect to a dhcp enabled internet connection
1. If you're on a computer that has DOS as an operating system, the command prompt should appear automatically when the computer is turned on. If you're using a Windows computer,
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