Feedback Needed on Webcam Testing Page?

I want to provide our users with an easy method to test their webcam prior to an important video conference or video interview. I need to know if this test works for you or not, and any feedback you'd suggest. Thanks in advance!


Yes, worked with both my usb video device (the one built into the laptop) and the cyberlink driver that allows for junk to be put on screen.
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The following is a really good resource: It depends on the conversion rates for the two versions A & B, as well as the confidence interval
The other answers are correct. I might add a few additional points 1) Install personal web server (on Win98 CD) or IIS (On WINNT CD, Option Pack) 2) Define your website as a site
Click on start, then printers right click on the printer icon and select printer properties go to the bottom of the page and select print test page
I'm on a Macbook Pro, and when I first got it, I only needed to download Adobe. If you don't have adobe, get it first because it has a much wider variety of updates and the java updates
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