How to Properly Care for Feeder Crickets?


It is relatively easy to care for feeder crickets. Place them in a medium to large sized plastic container. You can lay wood shavings down on the bottom of it . Provide them with plenty of egg cartons or cardboard.
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If crickets won't be fed right away, you will need something to keep them in. A 10 gallon aquarium with a screen top works the best. This type of a container is easy to clean, and
slice of potato and can buy cricket food.
i put mine in the laundry room and just keep the light on since my family goes in there alot as there is 5 of us so its not a big deal keeping it on, but yes they do need to have
They are priced by length, and their lengths are 1/8" - 3/4" Thanks for
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Place the shallow dish into the live cricket container. Take care so that you don't squish any small crickets. Rinse any debris off of the aquarium gravel. Carefully ...
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