Feeding Wild Squirrels?


Wild Squirrels are fed by giving them fungi, leaves, fruits, corn, seeds, grain and bulb. However their favourite foods are nuts and sunflower seeds. If wild squirrels are too hungry, they can feed on anything like bird eggs. http://www.diynetwork.com/diy/hb_bird_watching/article/0,2033,DIY_13872_2276350,00.html stretches some great opinions about feeding squirrels.
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Things You'll Need. 2-liter soda bottles. Sharp scissors. Nuts. Seeds. Cord. Ceramic bowls. Fresh produce. Cuttlefish bones. Dishwashing liquid. Instructions. Create squirrel feeders
1 Make sure you have all the food necessary for your squirrel. Most squirrels eat figs, pecans, acorns, strawberries, sunflower seeds, peanuts, and some other nuts or fruits. Ad 2
I live out side of town and have lots of squirrels if you want to feed them by hand start by laying out food (until they come pretty regularly) in a good spot for you to sit very
bread/cookies/bird food. Sorry, those are probably some of the most unhealthy things to feed them. Most of their diet should consist of a wide variety of veggies, with smaller amounts
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How to Feed Wild Squirrels
North America is full of squirrels, being home to over 50 different species of ground squirrel, eight tree squirrels and two types of flying squirrel. Among the ground squirrels are familiar animals such as chipmunks, and tree squirrels include red, gray... More »
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