What Causes Legs and Feet to Turn Purple?


Cold, bluish-purple feet can indicate poor circulation, the medical name for which is cyanosis. When cyanosis develops because of poor circulation, it typically results from an underlying medical condition such as heart disease or congestive heart failure.Other potential causes include abnormal hemoglobin levels, blood clots, toxins such as cyanide and various lung conditions that affect how blood becomes oxygenated. It is advisable to see the doctor.
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Your limbs turning purple is a sign that they arent getting enough blood or oxygen carried to them. Do you sit with your legs crossed? Try sitting more of the edge of the chair so
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That's blood staying in your feet - you
I'm not certain but I believe that when you cut of the blood supply to a body part, the blood no longer gets pumped in and out of the area. The colour of blood without oxygen is purple
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