Felsic is a geology termed used to refer to magma, silicate minerals and rocks which contain lighter elements like silicon, aluminum, potassium, sodium and oxygen.
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Felsic is igneous rocks consisting mainly of feldspars, feldspathoids, quartz, and other
organge and purple.
(fĕl'sĭk) adj. Containing a group of light-colored silicate minerals that occur in igneous rocks. [FEL(DSPAR) + S(ILICA) + -IC.]
Very viscous lavas trapping in much dissolved gas. Like opening a carbonated beverage, when magma with lots of volatiles reaches the surface, the gases come out of solution and expand
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(of rocks) consisting chiefly of feldspars, feldspathoids, quartz, and other light-colored minerals.
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The terms mafic and felsic are used to describe the two types of igneous rocks. Felsic lava has a large amount of silica present within it. Mafic is low in silica ...
In simple terms, felsic rocks are acidic while mafic igneous are alkaline and intermediate rocks that lie in between just as the name suggests. These terms are ...
The density of Granite is 2691kg/cu metre. Granite is a common type of intrusive, felsic, igneous rock which usually has a medium- to coarse-grained texture. It ...
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