Are FEMA trailers for sale?


In order to look through and purchase FEMA trailers that are for sale, you'll need to check out some official government auctions. There is actually an official website for these. You can also buy FEMA campers and mobile homes through this site.
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1. Register at the website of the General Services Administration (see References) Know that you will need to fill out the required information which will include choosing a unique
Some uh mye cousins n such were bein in da trailers in stuff and said theys good n ones. Duh, ya knows where eyes can bye dem PEAMA trailors? Could hab a meetin n such wit da local
Some 350 Iowa families living in FEMA trailers will soon have the option of buying the trailers. The majority of FEMA's trailers in Iowa are located near Cedar Rapids, with other
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How to Purchase Used FEMA Campers
The United States government sells hundreds of millions of dollars worth of surplus property every year, from dozens of federal agency and military sources. The surplus equipment is usually sold at auction. Used or surplus equipment from the Federal... More »
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