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The female body is similar to a male's body, except for breasts, and reproductive organs. A female body diagram will show a uterus, breasts, ovaries, and a cervix. A male does not have any of this. The colon, rectum, kidneys, lungs, brain, and so on, are the same for both sexes. The female body is a bit more challenging because of all the extra organs that can be found in the pelvic region. Knowing a woman's anatomy is helpful for many reasons, including diagnosing illness.
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1. Look at a photograph of the spider you want to draw. Use a live specimen for an even better model, if possible. 2. Begin with the head. Draw eight eyes on the head. Draw two jaws
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1. Sketch the wireframe of the human figure. Learning about human anatomy and proportion is highly recommended if you want to draw more realistically. Ad. 2. Sketch the body shapes
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