Female Dog Urinary Tract Infection?


Urinary tract infections are quite common in female dogs. Some dogs have such a high pain threshold that it can be hard to tell if your dog is suffering from a UTI. The symptoms of a urinary tract infection in a dog include pain or discomfort when urinating, frequent urinating and a burning sensation when passing urine.
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The most common early signs seen in females are an urgency to urinate, burning with urinating, urinating small amounts of urine, cloudy or foul-smelling urine, and blood in the urine
She will likely be piddling, or straining to piddle, more than usual. There could also be an odor or some blood in the urine. There is NO "natural way" that involves "
Because they have a short urethra, which is physically close to the anus, and which is prone to trauma during sexual intercourse.
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Female Dog Urinary Tract Infection
One of the most common disorders experienced among dogs is the urinary tract infection (UTI), to which female dogs are especially prone. Regardless of sex, UTIs are most commonly seen in German shepards, miniature and toy poodles, and Labrador retrievers.... More »
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