How can you incorporate feng shui into your home?


Feng shui requires precise orienting of a room and the objects within it by properly balancing fire, earth, metal, water and wood according to ancient Chinese artistic principles. Some methods of decorating according to feng shui include: ensuring fresh air and sunlight, keeping Zen stones in small containers, restricting electronic devices from bedrooms, removing clutter, cooking frequently on a stove top and arranging seating so sitters can see the door.

Decorate rooms with the desired combination of each element. Items can contain multiple features that represent one or more of the materials. Design 101 at HGTV explains that each feng shui element represents different attributes and feelings. Use a proper balance of fire elements to represent inspiration and strength. Maximize the amount of sunlight and decorate with candles, reds, purples and electronic devices like televisions and computers. Incorporate earth through earthy tones, simple, flat shapes and landscapes. Include metals, representing organization and focus, in fixtures and light gray or pastel colors.

According to Design 101 at HGTV, balanced use of water demonstrates wisdom and calm, so display dark colors, reflective surfaces, and wavy lines and shapes. Finally, access the flexibility and growth associated with wood through combinations of fresh or artificial flowers, trees and plants. Wood furniture and other natural fibers also carry the elemental properties of wood.

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1. Sketch your floor plan. 2. Superimpose the Bagua Map, the essential tool of feng shui, over the sketch of your floor plan by aligning the bottom of the map with the front door.
Get rid of all things in the space that do not benefit you are the space. You will need to get the correct plants and items that do benefit it.
This is a very good feng shui question, thank you for asking! I am sure many people are wondering about the timing of results with any feng shui work, be it home or office. First,
1. Position your chair in a location where you can see who is entering your work area. This ensures that you are not surprised by visitors, causing a feeling of insecurity. The idea
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How to Feng Shui a Home
Feng Shui is a 4,000-year-old form of geomancy developed by the Chinese. In ancient China, Feng Shui was used to guide people towards attainment of good health, wealth and power. Today, Feng Shui principles are used by practitioners to help people live... More »
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