How to Feng Shui a Home?


To Feng Shui a home requires one to understand feng shui. Face-lift your entryway. Reorganize living room furniture. Generate an airy, light and spacious dining room. Endorse an open kitchen. Eliminate electronics and anything that overstimulates you in the bedroom. Balance the water element in a bathroom. Eradicate clutter in a study or home office. Any out-of-date information should be discarded.
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1. Sketch your floor plan. 2. Superimpose the Bagua Map, the essential tool of feng shui, over the sketch of your floor plan by aligning the bottom of the map with the front door.
This is a very good feng shui question, thank you for asking! I am sure many people are wondering about the timing of results with any feng shui work, be it home or office. First,
1. Position your chair in a location where you can see who is entering your work area. This ensures that you are not surprised by visitors, causing a feeling of insecurity. The idea
The concept of numbers in feng shui is a highly charged one. Feng shui of number 4 seems to be the one taking most of the hits, all based in a misunderstanding of a cultural interpretation
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