When should you fertilize apple trees?


Knowing when to fertilize apple trees is important for their healthy growth. Trees should be fertilized just as the flowers begin to appear in the spring.
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Few things are more delicious to bite into than an apple, warm with the sun and fresh picked from a backyard tree. Whether the apple is green, red or yellow, the crisp crunch of a
well most grow in summer easy, but I'm not sure so if you know the answer is different,please edit.
The best fertilizer for Apple trees is nitrogen. During the first year, the young tree should be fertilized with one pound of 10-10-10 fertilizer.
When first planted, young trees need to be pruned and trained so that they grow properly. At planting, a dwarf apple tree should be cut back to 2 or 2 1/2 feet above the soil to encourage
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Fertilizer for Apple Trees
Apple trees need a lot of sunlight with excellent soil fertility to be large fruit producers. Making sure your apple tree has ample morning light to dry dew from the plants reduces disease. If the environment is properly selected, there is little you... More »
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Regular pruning keeps apple trees strong and encourages healthy fruit production. It's best to prune apple trees before any new growth starts. With shears and ...
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