What is the proper way to fertilize pepper plants?


Because peppers grow slowly in cooler weather and quickly when the weather gets warm, fertilizing them is essential to keep them healthy. Peppers should be fertilized when first transplanting and again when the fruits begin to appear.

  1. Fertilize the ground before planting

    Fertilize the ground with 5-10-10 pepper fertilizer before planting the pepper plants. Use 3 pounds of fertilizer for every 100 square feet of soil. Well-rotted manure and compost are also good fertilizer choices for pepper plants.

  2. Reapply fertilizer once the fruits appear

    Add more fertilizer once the pepper fruits reach the size of a dime. Be careful not to overfertilize, as too much nitrogen can kill the plants.

  3. Water frequently

    Water your pepper plants frequently after fertilizing to wash away fertilizer buildup in the soil.

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How to Fertilize Pepper Plants
Chile peppers are some of the most popular plants to grow because they range from sweet to spicy and can enhance many meals. Peppers require a fertilizer to help give them a push during their long growing season. By understanding the methods fertilizing... More »
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