How do you lay fescue sod?


Fescu sod is a type of grass for many home owners. To install fescue sod, start by clearing the place to be cultivated of all pitch, debris and weeds. Add some organic mulch that comprises of peat moss to the area and obtain the desired grade by raking the area. Apply some lawn starter fertiliser and roll out some rolls and stagger each row of laid sod much like a mason. Ensure that you water the sod and soil regularly to keep it damp.
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1. Clear the area to be planted of all rock, debris, and weeds. Use a rake to grade the area so that it gently slopes away from your home or other structures. This is so water will
Unfortunately, without a direct "hands on" inspection, I'd have a very hard time actually coming up with a confident diagnosis. The rocks could be a problem as I've seen
No. Grub killer won't hurt your lawn. And you are going to have to water it a lot anyway. Now is a good time to get rid of grubs.
I would wait till the sod farms will cut it as stated above. 40-50's is good, but you want to get the ground temps up some before you install it. Too early and it might not take hold
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Fescue Sod Installation
Installing high-quality fescue sod is a good way to quickly establish a lawn. Early fall or early spring planting gives grass time to develop a good root system before the heat of summer arrives, but fescue sod can be installed anytime during the growing... More »
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The price of a roll of sod in Home Depot will vary by area. Fescue is one of the popular varieties. The sod of this type of grass is sold in 2X4 foot pieces at ...
Most sod sold in the Northeast United States will be a mixture of Kentucky bluegrass, perennial rye, and fescue seed. The mixture is commonly 50% bluegrass. ...
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