Fiber Optic Christmas Tree?


A fiber optic Christmas tree is a decorative piece that comes in a variety of different sizes. A pre-lit tree saves the hassle of stringing lights during the holiday season. Fiber optic lights come in number of pretty colors that can be matched to most any decor. Fiber optic lights glow brightly against the base of the tree and are affixed to the tips. Artificial trees are easy to store and can be used year after year.
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1. Turn off the power source for the prelit fiber optic Christmas tree, which might consist of ensuring the battery switch is turned to off if you have a battery-powered one or unplugging
At one end of the fiber optic cable is a light, which shines into the cable.
Are you talking about the artifical trees that have the fiber optic lights in them like here: Or are you talking about those white trees
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