What Is a Remedy for Fiberglass Rash?


A remedy for fiberglass rash is topical ointment. You can also use antihistamines depending on the severity of the rash. You can protect yourself from the rash by wearing protective clothing while working with fiberglass.
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First, take a cold shower to rinse any fiberglass particles off the surface of
Raised bumps. Little if any weeping. If you are wondering if its fiberglass rash then it probably is. Itching like mad. Take a cold shower, wash and scrub with the hair follicles,
1st thing is you need to make sure all the fiberglass is out of your skin. The ultra fine fibers inbed themselves shallowly in your skin. Sometimes doing that alone will releive the
Anyone who has experienced itching and redness from handling insulation will tell you that you need to learn how to treat a fiberglass skin rash. Fiberglass is made of real bits of
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