How do you decorate kitchens with Fiestaware?


Open display cabinets perfectly display the bold hues and classic design of Fiesta dinnerware. If eating off of Fiesta dinnerware isn't enough, there are endless ways to integrate the Fiesta flavor into interior design.

The Homer Laughlin China Company first introduced Fiesta dinnerware to the public in 1936. Their original palette included red, yellow, cobalt blue, green and ivory. Shifting trends helped to shape the expansion of the Fiesta line over the following years. Additions to the original colors included turquoise, pastels, and earth tones. Homer Laughlin characterizes the Fiesta line as "Art Deco style with concentric circles highlighting the bright colors."

Using vintage items in new and imaginative ways can spark interest in a space. Fiesta's trademark bright colors make them the perfect accent for almost any style of interior design. Fiesta dinnerware and pottery can be placed throughout vintage Americana designs to bring authenticity to the space. Open shelving displays can be used functionally or purely decoratively to showcase the wide variety of Fiesta colors. Fiesta plates may be hung on walls using traditional wall mounts. Bowls and pots can be displayed as accent pieces or utilized as storage nooks. Showcasing all different Fiesta blues or reds together offers a unique perspective on the dinnerware collection.

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1. Place a paper plate in between dinner plates when storing your FIESTA dinnerware. This helps guard against scratches and nicks on the glazed surface. 2. Tear off paper towels or
Fiestaware is made in East Liverpool, Ohio by The Homer Laughlin China
One can purchase Fiestaware dishes from WEBstaurant, Macy's and Bed Bath & Beyond. One can also purchase Fiestaware dishes from Belk, Dinnerware USA, and JC Penney.
Fiestaware is very sturdy. Do you have any idea of the age of the pieces? Really old dishes ( from the 1930's and 1940's ) might have a finish on them that wouldn't hold up well in
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One of the markings on Fiestaware are the words, 'genuine fiesta' with Fiesta being all in lower case letters. The older types of Fiestaware are always in lowercase ...
Yes, Fiestaware is oven safe and is also safe for the microwave and the dishwasher. It is not recommended that the Fiestaware be placed over an open flame or at ...
To identify your Vintage Fiestaware, look at the bottom of the peice. Some of the earliest pieces did not have marks, but later were marked with 'fiesta HCL USA' ...
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