How to Fight a Speeding Ticket?


Fighting a speeding ticket can be tricky. When it comes to your word versus the police officer's word, you are fighting an uphill battle. The best thing to do is be honest about what happened and explain how you won't let it happen again.
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You just might be able to fight a speeding ticket with a few tips and tricks! Remember, police officers have heard it all, and sometimes honest is the best policy! Look here for more
1. Do not mail payment for the ticket to the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV)this is the same as pleading guilty. You may send a letter to the address on the back of the ticket
Once you've decided to go to court, make sure you know how
Right off the bat you have a fifty fifty chance that the officer will not show up to the hearing. If it was at night try to get a early morning hearing. My brother happens to be a
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When you receive a speeding ticket mark on your ticket that you want a hearing and send the ticket into the court. On your court date make sure you dress professionally ...
To fight a LIDAR speeding ticket you will need to go to court. Ask many questions about the LIDAR, as it could cause question as to how accurate it is. The best ...
Hire a traffic attorney. Request a jury trial. File for a continuance. Appear in court on whichever date is agreed upon. Appear in court on whichever date is agreed ...
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