How to File an Eviction Notice through the Courts in California?


Serve the tenant with a three-day notice to pay rent or quit. If the rent has not been paid, an eviction request can be filed. Locate the appropriate courthouse in the district the property is located in, and file the paperwork. Serve the tenant once the paperwork has been filed. The court will notify the landlord, and the tenant with a court date. Depending on the municipality where the eviction was filed, there maybe additional paper work needed.
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California Civil Code Section 2924 specifies what needs to be in a notice of default, but not when it can be filed. It requires the lender to describe the breach of contract that
i believe it is due upon delivery of said notice. I include my payment with the notice.
They can file a Notice of Default at any time if you have not been making your mortgage payment which it seems you have not. You then have 90 days to cure. The lender will then send
You file with the courts, they are court orders. It is hard to evict with a sublet, first you have to prove you had the right to sublet in the first place. Since no rent was paid
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