What is some information about the Filipinas one centavo coin?


The Filipinas one centavo coin is worth one penny in most places. This coin was minted from 1903 until 1944 and has increased in value in certain situations. If you have one of these coins and it has remained uncirculated, it could be worth anywhere from $10 to $20. If you have one of these coins that has been well taken care of but used, it can be worth approximately $2. A coin collector may be willing to pay slightly more.
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Today I got one from a cashier at Pizza Hut, also. I gave her one dollar and asked for four quarters and the girl gave me three quarters and one of these coins which must have been
Coins of the Philippines under the U.S. are highly collectible and there is even a coin club of collectors. It depends on the coins grade but it sells for a $1 and up. It had an average
On Ebay a 1944 USA Centavos Philippines Silver Coin
Thanks for your note, John; The modern Colombian series is particularly prone to repunched dies(or "double-dating"). The base coin itself is extremely common - the value
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