Filipino Bass Singers?


There are many different Flipino bass singers that are well known around the world and considered to be famous. The first of which is Jed Madela, George Hernandez and Jonathan Zaens are also two additional famous Flipino bass singers. In addition Jose Mari Chan, and Andrew Fernado are just a few more famous Flipino Bass singers, that are known all around the world for their beautiful singing voices. They wow the crowds with their music daily.
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I only know two George Hernandez and Jonathan zaens.
Tenor-Ogie Alcasid. Gary Valenciano. Bass-Jose Mari Chan. Jonathan dela Paz Zaens. Andrew Fernardo. Noel Azcona. George Fernardez.
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Les Claypool of Primus. The guy is arguably the greatest bass player of all time. Listen to this madness.
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