Filipino Myths?


There are so many Filipino myths in the Philippines. Some examples of their myths include the story of Bathala and the legend of Maria Makiling. Their mythology include many superstitions and tales.
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The Creation of the World.
Ako Filipino (I'm Filipino). I heard of the impakta, pero hindo ko gusto yun. Kaka takut sobra yun! (I heard of the impakta, but I don't like it. It is too scary!) Naga attack ng
I think the main idea of it all is to remain good in spite of the evil that may be done to you as you will get your just reward later on. As far as Filipino cultural insights we have
myth is what ppl want to believe to explain something unusual. legend is a story that explains an event.
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they're catholics so it's the same as any catholic myths and beliefs. ...
A duende simply refers to a mythological mystical creature that originates from Iberian, Latin American and Filipino folklore. The myths claim that duendes live ...
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