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There are hundreds of Filipino poets. Some of these poets include Antonio Abad, Gemino Abad, Temistokles Adlawan, Merlie M. Alunan, Ivy Alvarez, Roberto T. A¤onuevo, Gaspar Aquino de Belen, Leona Florentino, Guillermo G¢mez Rivera, Emeniano Acain Somoza, Jr, Danny Sillada, Emmanuel F. Lacaba, Elsa Martinez Coscolluela, Lope K. Santos, Ildefonso Santos, Louie Jon Agustin Sanchez, Elena Patron, Jos‚ Coraz¢n de Jes£s, Alex C. Delos Santos, and Peter Solis Nery. Many of the poets have written their most famous works about family because that is most important there.
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18th century - Francisco Baltazar. 19th century - Jose Rizal, Andres Bonifacio. 20th century - Jose Corazon de Jesus, Amado Hernandez, Amado Yuzon, Crisostomo Sotto, Zoilo Hilario
Tagalog translations started appearing during the 1940s, with the first translation known as Diwa ng Bayan (Spirit of the Country" which was sung during the Japanese occupation
This is quite surprising because he apparently has published 5,000 haikus, 101 sonnets, and more than 70 books. The first two can be found through a book-search site called Add-All.
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Francisco Baltazar is a famous Filipino poet from the 18th century. Jose Corazon de Jesus, Amado Hernandez, Amado Yuzon, Zoilo Hilario, Crisotomo Sotto, and Jose ...
There are a number of famous Filipino poets. One of them includes Ivy Alvarez. Amado Magcalas Yuzon was not only a Filpino poet, but a teacher and congressman, ...
Filipino Poet. ...
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