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Filipino has different religious practices like in Quiapo Manila, every year they celebrate Black Nazarene. They will start at Quiapo church then they'll parade it with numerous people who tries to hold to the rope which they said give a blessing.
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Filipino's loves to go to church every Sunday with their family or friends. We as a Filipino also celebrates fiestas which is usually celebrated along with a feast of a Saint. Women
I was born and raised in Australia but moved to the Philippines when I was 16. The children here are raised to respect their elders, even their siblings. They call an older brother
Do the child-rearing practice of Filipinos vary from anyone else's? They live on little islands, perhaps they spend more time in boats than other people, and they work very hard.
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Filipino child rearing practices include the use of a rod, slippers or little slaps on their kids whenever they do something wrong. They target to get their kids ...
1.Having so lots of children because this can influence the fertility behavior. 2.Also Men and Women gets f*** in sex. 3.Those prostitute that they don't use pills ...
If you intend to lose your Filipino accent, it takes some effort. You can find some audio material that you will practice with to pronounce certain words. After ...
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