Filipino Scientist and Their Contribution in Chemistry?


Francisco Santos is a famous Filipino agricultural chemist who have contributed to the field of chemistry. Julian Banzon is another one. They are two of many famous Filipino chemists out there.
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Filipino Scientists
Filipino scientists have contributed to many disciplines, including biology, physics, astronomy, and environmental science. Browse the form below to find out more about these innovators.
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This Are the Filipino Scientists that has contributed to the field of chemistry Lourdes J. Cruz Dr. Beatrice Guevara Dr. Evelyn Mae T. Mendoza Dr. Elma C. Llaguno Lani Rose Mateo
Although I have been asked to answer this question, I must admit that I am not familiar with the work of many of these chemists and hence will not try to comment too much on their
Alfredo C. Santos Anonymous
to let let the whole world know that filipinos are good inventors of things still not invented by other people in other countries and whats wrong with it. you can also submit your
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Gregorio zara. Ramon barba. by sofia marie r.maranan. ...
Gregorio zara. Ramon barba. by sofia marie r.maranan. ...
Well, foreign scientists depends on which country you are from. Throughout history, almost every country has had a chemist known for something. However, many Noble ...
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