Final Jeopardy Questions and Answers?


Final Jeopardy! questions and answers are extremely hard. These questions are used to determine the final score of each player so that a winner may be chosen. Many of the final Jeopardy questions and answers are historical or based in literature. This is the round where all of the contestants can wager all or none of their money. The person with the most money at the end of the round wins the money and the game.
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numbers and letters and i know the answer was Arabic A link has been added to provide information on the latest Jeopardy shows as well as a history by season of earlier episodes.'s+final+je...
This second king of Israel was "The Sweet Singer of
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If you are playing the jeopardy contest, the category was "Artists." That is all you need. I do not have the correct question or answer. Artists Final Jeopardy! for Monday
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How to Play Jeopardy
"Jeopardy" is a TV show that features a game that is played by answering trivia questions that are chosen from a board of categories. Unlike traditional trivia, the players are given the answer and asked to provide the question. For example, the clue... More »
Difficulty: Moderate
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