How to Finalize a DVD-rw?


Finalizing a DVD-RW is important inorder to be playable on certain unconnected DVD players, finalizing a DVD-RW disc on your computer requires you to have a DVD-burning software or DVD Authoring software, open software then your project ,click the 'Burn' button check the box next to the 'Finalize' option in the burn-settings box this will ensure the disc is finalized upon completion, click 'Burn' again to write files to the disc and finalize it. Finalizing a DVD+RW doesn't need a separate finalizing steps as it does it every time you use the disc.
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Types. There are two types of DVD RW's, DVD+RW and DVD-RW. Originally, depending on the brand, DVD drives only worked with one of the two types. Now most DVD drives from major manufacturers
DVDRW is designed not to be finalized, ...use a DVD-R or DVD+R, these can be finalized. Some most DVD players are now also compatible with DVDRW even if they are not finalized. Free
You need to do two selection 1. un-check the option which says multisession 2. select disk at once. these option vary burner to burner so it could have better if you posted your burner
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How to Finalize a DVD-RW
DVD-RW discs often need to be finalized in order to be playable on certain standalone DVD players. To finalize a DVD-RW disc on your computer, you just need DVD-burning software.... More »
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