Financial Aid for Convicted Felons?


Convicted felons can qualify for financial aid for college provided the conviction was not drug related. If the conviction was drug related you may still be able to obtain aid based on circumstances. Speak with a school adviser to find out options available.
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1. Pick up a FAFSA, a Free Application for Federal Student Aid, in the registration office of a local college, or find the forms online. 2. Fill out the FAFSA and observe the deadlines
the government. if the person is unable to pay debts or have lawyer w/e its mandatory that they provide help (may vary if in certain countries)
There might be some federal student aid available but not any grants that I know of, simply because someone has a felony conviction on their record. You also might want to check with
try for scholarships that call for an essay written about a "tragedy" in your life.. write about what made you do what you did..and how it has shaped the most tragic part
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Getting financial aid for college if you are a convicted felon can be difficult depending on what the charges were. Contact the financial aid companies to determine ...
There are scholarships available to help convicted felons rehabilitate and get back to school. To apply, you can talk with a financial aid officer about opportunities ...
There is financial aid available for felons. There is a misconception that all felons are automatically ineligible to receive any financial aid. This is untrue ...
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