How can you find the distances between cities?


To find the distance between two cities, a person can use a map. If he is trying to determine how long a trip between two cities would take, he can use one of several trip-planning sites for reference.

If he is not attempting to travel between two cities, it is easy to find the distance between them without factoring in roads and other transportation variables. This is done by looking at the scale of a map and using it to calculate the distance between the two points on the map that represent the cities. If he is trying to travel between the cities, a trip-planning website, such as MapQuest, can provide him with directions, travel time and distance for multiple routes.

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The way to figure out the distance between two cities is to calculate either the miles or the kilometers between the end of the first city and the beginning of another.
1. Browse to a website that calculates city distances, such as Geobytes (see Resources) 2. Enter the origin city and the destination city. In this example, our origin is Miami, and
Go to mapquest and type in your location and the location you are going to. it will tell you how to get there, the distance, and the average amount of time it will take you to travel
1. Look at a paper map. It sometimes. tells you the distance. between two cities, including distances between two cities in chart-form. You may have to travel to a bookstore first
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To determine the driving time and distance between two cities easily, utilize a GPS device or a website such as Google Maps. Simply enter the starting location ...
One of the primary reasons to use a map is to determine relative locations and distances of multiple points. To find the midpoint between two cities, you need ...
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