Find Distances between Cities?


The distance between cities is called miles. To find the distance between two cities, the city name or zip code is needed.
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1. Browse to a website that calculates city distances, such as Geobytes (see Resources) 2. Enter the origin city and the destination city. In this example, our origin is Miami, and
on the internet.
1. Subtract the x-coordinate of the first point from the x-coordinate of the second point. For example, if you have coordinates of (1,3) and (6,15) subtract 1 from 6 to get 5. 2.
1. Find the distance traveled. If the distance is not stated as a flat number, find it by using other variables in the problem, Example: A car is driven at 30 mph for three hours,
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City, State or Zip

City, State or Zip
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To determine the driving time and distance between two cities easily, utilize a GPS device or a website such as Google Maps. Simply enter the starting location ...
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