Finding Arrowheads?


Many people enjoy finding arrowheads. They find them in all kinds of different places. Some of the best places to find them include river or creek beds, construction sites and newly plowed fields.
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As the interest in archaeological arrowheads grows in Texas, more pay-per-dig sites are establishing themselves. The sites charge an entrance fee for enthusiasts to use the land for
1 Recently plowed fields are a great place to hunt as long as it's not planted and you gain the owner's permission first. Ad 2 Go in straight search lines so you won't miss much.
My experience finding arrowheads was to walk the creek beds.
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How to Find Arrowheads
Searching for arrowheads is a popular hobby for people of all ages. Finding arrowheads involves researching past Native American habitats and trying to pinpoint the best locations for recovering artifacts. Many people choose to visit national parks and... More »
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