How Do I Find a Property's Legal Description?


To find a propert's legal description, first determine the exact location of the property especially the name of the county. Then look up the county website online before going to the county courthouse. Pay a visit to the courthouse to get the legal description of the property. Finally, contact the attorney from the last time the property was bought and sold.
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There are two different formats for legal property descriptions. The property may be described as part of a lot, block and subdivision; each of these descriptors may appear as a name
The legal description is the deed description. It should include any encumbrances and appurtenances that run with the land. The legal description is the one used for conveyancing
First off, an easement is not Property. Lots of people think that and it makes their search all the more difficult. An Easement is simply the right of one over the land of another
If the information, the "book"&"page" is not listed in the property details on Zillow, you may be able to find the information online. Access your local Registry
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How to Find a Legal Property Description
Although it's just "home" to you, the property you've purchased has a legal description that may run to several words, numbers, directions and measurements. The purpose of a legal description is to fix the boundaries and placement of a house, adjoining... More »
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