How to Find a Sku Number?


One of the features of a database is the ability to store information in a straightforward fashion. A programmer can create a custom application that will allow others the ability for finding SKU numbers to be accomplished with little effort.
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1. Do a quick check for a bar code. Bar codes appear as a series of vertical lines (usually black lines on a white background) together in a group. Bar codes may be attached to the
When you go shopping, and pick up a box or can of something, do you see the bar code on it? It's usually on the bottom side of the container. On that bar code - usually on the bottom
On a sticker inside the case, on the outside of the case, or on the wrapper. You're best off speaking to EA to be honest!
SKU stands for "stock-keeping unit" All SKUs appears as a number, often paired with
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The acronym sku stands for 'stock keeping number.' To find the sku number of a particular item, look for a barcode. Once you have located the bar code, know that the sku may or may not be printed on the sticker. If it is not on the sticker, then it should be on the item box/packaging itself somewhere.
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