How to Focus the FinePix S5100 M.?


1. Set the Finepix S5100M to one of its three focusing modes: S-AF, C-AF or MF. "S-AF" stands for "single auto-focus, "C-AF" stands for "continuous auto-focus" and "MF" stands for "manual focus. 2. Set the camera's focus to the default S-AF focusing
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Check the battery that must be fully charged. Remove the memory card and try. fress the power button in camera few sec & see whats going on. After all these if your camera does
1. Remove the batteries and clean the elements in the battery compartment with a small amount of rubbing alcohol and a cloth. Dirt and debris can interfere with the connection between
1. Set the camera's shooting mode to "Auto" using the "Mode" dial on top of the camera. 2. Turn the switch on the "Focus Mode" dial to the unlocked position
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