How Do I Style My Hair in Finger Waves?


While hair is still damp, comb some gel through the hair. Place middle finger on the hair with the finger tip touching the forehead. Using a comb, place it next to the finger and drag it across the hair. This should create a wave.
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1. Shampoo the hair thoroughly and towel dry. Part and arrange the hair in the way you plan for it to be styled. Apply the finger waving lotion evenly through damp hair. 2. Choose
these are the best instructions i've found anywhere. just click anywhere on the page to move forward. good luck, have fun! Source(s)…
If you go to the provided link, you will see a pic of a finger wave.
1. Get a brand new cut. Ad. 2. Wash your hair with the shampoo. (Olive oil can give you nice, wavy, shiny, silky hair. use medium brush and brush in and out. 3. Brush your top forward
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Finger Waves in Hair
Finger waves are a retro-inspired ladies' hairstyle popular for events like weddings and galas. The style is characterized by a series of sculpted waves that snake across the head, typically on one side only. Achieving a finger wave hairstyle at home is... More »
Difficulty: Easy
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African American hairstyle finger wave is a very popular style. It appears as soft, wave-like ridges and it is created by wetting and using a hair gel to shape ...
Nouveau Wave treated hair should be cared for with good products. Such products include shampoo, conditioner, and good gels. It should not be straightened. ...
Cold wave perms, invented in 1938 by Arnold F. Willatt, use no machines or heat. Hair is wrapped around rods, then a reduction lotion containing ammonium thioglycolate ...
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