Finger Won't Stop Bleeding?


If you have a wound that is bleeding, controlling the blood flow is very important, since uncontrolled bleeding may lead to shock, and potentially become life-threatening. Minor cuts usually stop bleeding on their own. If you have a deep wound that does not stop bleeding, apply pressure continuously for up to 30 minutes, and elevate the wound. You should avoid removing the pressure to check on the wound until after 30 minutes has passed, since that might dislodge the blood clot that should be developing to seal the wound. If bleeding continues after pressure is applied, or if the wound is deep enough that blood is spurting, you should immediately seek medical attention, such as calling an ambulance. After the bleeding has stopped, rinse out the wound with clear water, but avoid using soap which can irritate the wound. If possible, apply an antibiotic ointment to prevent infection.
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1. Stay Calm. Make sure that you keep your breathing even and deep. You don’t want to start panicking, and whatever you do, you don’t want to tilt your head back while
use super glue. just put it on the wound. Caution: Super Glue bonds well to skin and as such was considered for a surgical adhesive at one time, and in fact is used today albeit rarely
Have you tried putting pressure on your finger and elevating it?
It is not normal. It will not stop because you cut some vein in your finger. You should visit doctor immediately. It is not big problem, do not be scared. Doctor will fix it in 10
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Bleeding stops when the blood coagulates. Knowing this, one of the easiest ways to stop a cut finger from bleeding is to apply a little bit of flour or cornstarch ...
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