Fingerhut Catalog Request?


Call Fingerhut Catalogs and tell them to remove you from the mailing list. It might take a month or so to get your name off of the list. I like Fingerhut!
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1. Go to the Fingerhut website listed in Resources. 2. Scroll down to the bottom, and click on "obtain catalog. 3. Enter your name, address, phone number and email address, and
Fingerhut Direct Marketing 6250 Ridgewood Rd Saint Cloud, MN 56303
One may order a free Fingerhut catalog directly from the official website. One must go to the customer service section and simply fill out a request form to order the catalog.
You send them payments every month same as any creditor.
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Fingerhut is an online retail company. They also have a mail order catalog. This company sells clothing, jewelery, electronics and other household goods. Fingerhut's ...
To receive a Fingerhut Catalog by mail you will have to order one from Fingerhut's website. As of 2012, there is a $2 charge to receive the catalog. ...
Fingerhut catalogs are no longer free. However, customers who have ordered the catalog or materials from the catalog, may receive free copies. As of 2013, the ...
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