How do you feed mealworms to fire-belly toads?


To feed Fire-Belly Toads Mealworms, put live mealworms in a container (plastic) with several slices of sweet potato or carrot. Fill the container with bran or oats and one or two slice of apple or sweet potato for moisture. Food that is molded or spoiled should be removed from the mealworm containers. Put the mealworms in a plastic bag with a powdered, high calcium reptile vitamin and shake well until the mealworms are coated. Place mealworms in a shallow dish and place it in the toad's enclosure. Read more:
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1. "Gutload" your mealworms. Place live mealworms in plastic container with several slices of carrot and/or sweet potato.This will insure that your mealworms are loaded
i have a bearded dragon it was fully grown and female and we gave it quite abit of lettuce and around 5-10crickets evry day or 2.
They like plenty of juicy insects like crickets. Another favorite is an earthworm or a wax worm, yummy! They can even eat small fish like guppies.You can find more information here: That's a male feeder guppy. And some info on your toads :)
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How to Feed Fire-Bellied Toads
Fire-bellied toads eat live feeder insects, and if you provide your pet with a varied diet that is high in nutrients, it will display bright colors. Always gut load the prey, preferably with commercial bug grub and collard greens or other vegetable... More »
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According to, fire-bellied toads in captivity eat a variety of prey, including crickets and other insects, waxworms, earthworms and small feeder fish ...
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