First and Second Syllable Stressed?


Syllable stress refers to when syllables are higher in pitch and longer. This can either be first syllable stress or second syllable stress where the first syllable or the second syllables are stressed. Words that are stressed in second syllables include example, academy, concerned, prolong, important and detective. First syllable stressed words include people, woman, country and student.
Q&A Related to "First and Second Syllable Stressed?"
It refers to a word being emphasized when spoken on either the first or second syllable.
As you know, syllables are the smallest bits of sound that can be pronounced [NOT letters of the word. When we speak, we stress the first, second, or sometimes the third syllable
The primary stress is on the first
A good English dictionary (Webster’s Collegiate is the standard) will provide accent marks for all words. Since English is a language with many sources, there are no hard and
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