How do you sell first day covers?


First Say Covers are stamped envelopes that come from the post office. There are many different ways for you to sell these First Day Covers. Many people have their own website in which they sell the covers.
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1. Contact a local stamp collector or stamp dealer. They will take a look at your first-day cover to give an evaluation on what it may be worth. Stamp dealers can be found at the
1. Who produces first day covers? All Great British stamps come from Royal Mail. But not all covers come from them. Royal Mail does produce its own covers but several private producers
A First Day Cover (FDC) is an envelope cancelled on the first day of issue of a new postage stamp. Today they will actually say "First Day of Issue" in the cancellation.
Mircea Goia's list is pretty great at covering most of the biggest ones, and as far as the first go-to sites, I'd agree with Rod Heffern's two suggestions plus I'd add Box Office
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The First Day Cover is the name of an envelope that has a cancelled stamp on the same exact day that the stamp was placed onto the envelope by the postal service ...
The value of a first day cover envelope only, no stamps, will depend on the issue. If it is a very old first day cover, it may have value. Otherwise it's not worth ...
The value of First Day covers without an address would be around a couple of hundred dollars. This is because they are very rare collectors items. After 1971, ...
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