How much are stamps these days?


How much First Day of Issue Stamps are worth depends on the stamp you are interested in. The average First Day of Issue Stamp can be purchased for $1.00. Older stamps that are larger in size can have a higher value.
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The value depends upon the specific stamp and the time frame. Most current FDC covers can be purchased for a dollar from a dealer. Large value stamps and older covers have a larger
Instructions. Make an inventory or list of your first-day covers. Mark the condition of each cover with particular attention to discoloration, fading and damage. List the date of
Hell Alexis, Thanks for your question. The stamp you are asking about is one of my favorite. It is Scott #1473 and, as you mentioned, it was issued on November 10, 1972. An envelope
1 Know what a First Day of Issue Covers are. These covers are envelopes with cancelled stamps and with artwork on the left side of the envelope. The cancellation is with a special
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