How to Test Male Fertility?


If you want to test male fertility you need to go to a Doctor. The Doctor will perform a test to find out how sterile the man is. Once the results come back they will discuss different options to increase fertility if needed.
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1. See a urologist. Infertility is the problem when couples are not able to conceive after consistently trying for at least a year. While it can be a female or male issue, males have
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I got one dark line and one very faint line I could barely see. Went and bought a digital test, POSITIVE, can't mistake that. This was also taken 4 days before my missed period and
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The normal FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) value ranges from 3-20 mlU/ml. FSH is sometimes used as a range of ovarian reserve. Six and under is considered ...
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The First Response Pregnancy Kit can now detect hCG, the pregnancy hormone, 6 days before a missed period. Results may be seen in 3 minutes with unsurpassed accuracy ...
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