How to Swallow?


In order to swallow effectively, the food item should first be chewed so that the lower digestive tract can receive it more efficiently. Swallowing is a combination of movement between the tongue and pharyngeal muscles. Once a person swallows, he will have to use his tongue to push the food backwards towards the throat. Once the food is inside the throat, muscles of the pharynx will slowly push the masticated item into the lower digestive passageway. The movement of both the tongue and pharyngeal muscles in swallowing occurs almost always simultaneously.
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Swallowing is a reflex. It is the reflex that is started by touch receptors. There are four phases of swallowing. They are oral preparatory, oral, pharyngeal, and esophageal.
1. Observe your ability to chew food. Some cases of swallowing difficulties begin in the oral phase of swallowing-a phase when the food is turned into a bolus, defined as a soft mass
Use these tips to teach your kids how to swallow pills and other medication. Being sick is no fun. Adding pills to the ordeal can make a child's sickness even more stressful - and
A swallow: is a bird. Swallows are colorful, acrobatic flyers that catch insects on the wing. There are many species, among them the barn and tree swallows. The purple martin is the
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